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The Klickitat River is a tributary of the Columbia River, approximately 75 mi (120 km), in south-central Washington in the United States. The river was designated as Wild and Scenic in 1986. It drains a rugged plateau area on the eastern side of the Cascade Range northeast of Portland, Oregon.

It rises in the high Cascades near Tieton Peak, in northwestern Yakima County, in a remote corner of the Yakama Indian Reservation. It flows southeast, then generally south across the Lincoln Plateau. It enters northern Klickitat County, and meanders south through steep canyons. It enters the Columbia from the north at Lyle, approximately 10 mi (16 km) NNW of The Dalles, Oregon. Washington State Highway 142 follows the lower 15 mi (24 km) of the river. The river is bridged by Washington State Highway 14 at its mouth.

The Klickitat Riverfront Inn sits along the bank of the beautiful Klickitat River. Premier fishery for salmon and steelhead both from drift boats and the bank with guided trips available. Totally remodeled in 2008 the property has four units available. All the units have private entry, private bath, air-conditioning, flat screen TVs, and refrigerators and luxury linens. Two of the units have full kitchens and exits to the outdoor patio.
All rooms are about 400 ft. and have river views. There is a store, two restaurants, bar and service station all within walking distance as well as a boat launch and public beach only a block away.
There is a fire pit, barbecue pit and Sandy Beach as well as several outdoor decks and patios for you to enjoy along the river of this beautifully landscaped property. We are also renting the 1000 sq ft private cottage this fishing season as well as the studios. The cottage sleeps 5. Please call us or visit our website for more details and photos.
www.KlickitatRiverfrontInn.com 503.345.9399

Other activities on the Klickitat River

The Klickitat Trail follows the river on an abandoned railroad grade from near Goldendale, Washington to the Columbia River just west of The Dalles, Oregon, nearly 30 miles.


Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091

March 3, 2010
Salmon daily limit increased to two fish
on the lower Klickitat River
Action: Klickitat River anglers will be able to retain two hatchery Chinook, hatchery steelhead, or one of each as part of their daily limit.
Species affected: Chinook and steelhead
Effective dates: April 3 through May 31, 2010. Open Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays only.
Location: Klickitat River from mouth to the Fisher Hill Bridge (located about 3 miles upstream from the mouth).
Reason for action: This year, 4,500 adult spring Chinook are expected to return to the Klickitat. Over 70% of the run is expected to be hatchery fish.
After consulting with the Yakama Indian Nation, an additional hatchery spring Chinook or hatchery steelhead was added to the daily limit. In addition, the extra weekend day of fishing added last year will continue in the spring of 2010.

Other information: Night closure and anti-snag rule will be in effect.
Information contact: (360) 696-6211. For latest information press *1010.

Upper Klickitat River to open for hatchery adult spring chinook

Action: Up to two hatchery adult spring chinook may be kept as part of the salmon daily limit on the Klickitat River upstream to boundary markers below the salmon hatchery.  

Effective dates: June 13 through July 31, 2013.

Species affected: Chinook.

Location: The Klickitat River from 400 feet upstream from #5 fishway (located about one-half mile upstream from the Fisher Hill Bridge) to boundary markers below the Klickitat Salmon Hatchery.

Reasons for action: As of June 10, a total of 351 adult spring chinook have returned to the Klickitat Salmon Hatchery.  The Klickitat Salmon Hatchery is expected to meet its escapement goal of 500 fish, which will allow additional recreational opportunity.    

Other information: Daily limit 6 salmon of which no more than two may be adults.  Wild chinook must be released.   This will match rules already in effect below Fisher Hill Bridge (located about 2 miles upstream from the mouth). 

Anglers are reminded there are closed waters from Fisher Hill Bridge to 400 feet upstream from #5 fishway and from the boundary markers below Klickitat Salmon Hatchery to the boundary markers just upstream of the hatchery. The section upstream from the salmon hatchery remains closed to fishing for salmon.

A Columbia River Salmon/Steelhead Endorsement is required to participate in this fishery.  Barbless hooks are required to fish for salmon and steelhead.

Information contact:   (360) 696-6211.  For latest information press *1010.

 You can get a Washington State boating license to increase your fishing success.

Klickitat River Fishing Reports

by David Perez of Hooked On Fishing Guide Service

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Klickitat River Fishing Tips

Wait for late July, August and September, pick a cool night when the Klickitat River has a medium flow and fish this popular Klickitat County river hard the next morning. That's the key to taking big summer steelhead from this oft-colored stream. Fed by snowmelt off Mt. Adams, a warm summer day normally clouds the river past the fishable point by 10 am. A chilly night might permit angling to 1 pm. the next day.
Tremendous catches of the late 1960s, ranging past 6,000 steelhead, are only memories now, but 1971 and 1981 fishermen hoisted more than 4,000 sunburnt steelies from this big river and most years deliver 1,500 to 2,000 fish. The Klickitat fish often are large, and always arc tough battlers. They fight strong current, steep runs and frothing falls to reach spawning areas far upstream and conic into their natal stream packed with ocean energy for the struggle.
Access to the Klickitat is off Highway 14 at Lyle, where Highway 142 closely twines with the stream to the mouth of the Little Klickitat River, 11 miles west of Goldendale. Anglers from the east side of the Cascades can drop south on U.S. 97 from Yakima through Toppenish to reach Goldendale.

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There are five widely-spaced boat launches on the Klickitat. Leidl Campground, reached via the GoIdendale Glenwood Road, has a developed access and permits a fine short day's trip to Soda Springs Campground, about eight miles downstream. Soda Spri Campground is reached by taking the Soda Springs Road through the upper center of the Klickitat Wildlife Recreation Area off the Goldendale/Glenwood Road. Another maintained launch is at Wahkiacus Campground at the mouth of Swale Creek on Highway 142. Turkey Farm Campground has a ramp which should be used as a take-out point for drift boats coming downriver. No one in his right mind would consider the canyon between Fisher Hill Bridge and the river mouth at Lyle passable. Only experienced boat handlers should tackle drifting the Klickitat, and then after having floated it with a guide or local boater to discover its moods and danger spots. The Klickitat River charges down through lonely, wild country where deer and wild turkey look at you as invaders of their realm. My first view of the Klickitat was at dusk, after having wedged my way through a small group of deer while I was enroute to the Leidl Campground. That same weekend, a flock of more than 30 wild turkeys shook me out of a year's growth by thundering over my head to land and feed on the opposite side of the 'Chaim! There are rattlesnakes to avoid, too. Bait, bobber and yarn singly or used together all produce Klickitat River catches. Grasshoppers are a local secret weapon for strikes from bright, strong steelhead. I personally favor long and slender, but heavy, spoons, such as the Martin Ottogator or Luhr Jensen Krocodile. Bright patterns have beet/ best in the lower section of the river. Nickel and brass spinners will take a good number of fish too, as well as some fine trout.

How To Catch Fish On The Klickitat River

The Klickitat River is open from the mouth to Fisher Hill Bridge April 1-Nov. 3010 take trout 12 inches and or and hatchery steelhead. All wild steelhead must be released. Then. from 400 feet above the No 5 fishway at the hatchery. the river is open upstream to its source for 12-inch Pout and planted godhead only. There is a Dec. 1-Mar. 31 whitefish-only season on the Klickitat. Salmon fishermen may take six fish daily. over 10 inches but not more than two adults, downstream from the Fisher Hill Bridge to the mouth except that they may fish only from noon Thursday through noon Monday between April I-May 31 (see regs). Spin-N-Glo hoes, bobber/bait/yarn rigs, spoons, spinners. and plugs will draw storks from Klickitat salmon. Expect half the eon. to be jacks of Coho and Chinook species, up to several hundred adult Chinook, and less than 100 adult coho salmon each year.
There are good campgrounds on the lower river, but floods have changed their locations a couple times the past 15 years. Klickitat County Park is a few miles northeast of Lyle on Highway 142, and two Turkey Farm Campgrounds are 5, and 7 miles from Loll The Klickitat is an excellent river to fish hard for the first or three hours of the morning. On one trip I saw a fisherman beat the heat by plunking from a lawn chair submerged to sitting level ... and he caught a dandy six-pound steelhead on a grasshopper bait!

Klickitat River Fishing Tips

The Klickitat River is a tributary of the Columbia River, approximately 75 mi in south-central Washington. It drains a on the eastern side of the Cascade Range northeast of Portland, Oregon. 10 miles of the river were designated Wild and Scenic from the confluence with Wheeler Creek, near the town of Pitt, to the confluence with the Columbia River.
The Klickitat River rises in the high Cascades near Tieton Peak, in northwestern Yakima County, in a remote corner of the Yakama Indian Reservation. It flows southeast, then generally south across the Lincoln Plateau. It enters northern Klickitat County, and meanders south through steep canyons. It enters the Columbia from the north at Lyle, approximately 10 mi north-northwest of The Dalles, Oregon. State Route 142 follows the lower 15 mi of the river. The river is bridged by State Route 14 at its mouth.

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